What is a Hybrid Mattress?

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Shopping for a new mattress can be tough, especially when so many claim to offer more life-changing benefits than the last. But how do you know which mattress is best for you? Many people are switching to hybrid mattresses since they offer solutions for a multitude of sleeping needs. But what is a hybrid mattress and why is it all the rage? Let’s break it down.

What is a hybrid mattress?

“Hybrid” refers to the combination of two different things. In the case of a hybrid mattress, there is a combination of the technology of traditional innerspring mattresses and the technology of memory foam mattresses.

Now, by this definition, the word “hybrid” can be used to describe pretty much every coil mattress, as most use some kind of foam or latex on the top layer. But in most cases, people understand a hybrid mattress to mean a mattress that has more foam and less of the other materials used in the typical innerspring mattresses.

Another distinct feature of a hybrid mattress is the look of its surface. Hybrid mattresses have a smoother, flatter top, unlike the traditional innersprings with tufts on the surface. But again, some hybrid beds may also have a tufted look. So, taking a look at its interior will help you better understand what gives a hybrid mattress its name.

What makes a hybrid bed so special?

Hybrid mattresses also feel quite different from other mattresses. The slight feeling of “melting” into the bed that you get in a foam mattress and the bounce you feel in a traditional spring mattress are both present in a hybrid, but come together in the most perfect way to offer optimum support and comfort. If you test out a mattress and it feels just like any other spring mattress (and has a tufted look), it’s most likely not a hybrid mattress.

Hybrid Mattress Construction

Of course, by definition, a hybrid mattress can contain a combination of any two materials, but as discussed earlier, a hybrid bed most often refers to a mattress combining the technology of the two most popular mattress types—innerspring and foam. However, other materials are used to make the mattress feel and perform just right. These are some of the different technologies featured in most hybrid mattresses:

  • Support: No matter how soft you like your mattress, it has to include some type of support. Hybrid mattresses incorporate a system of individually wrapped steel coils, which allow them to move independently and avoid motion transfer—a primary concern of traditional spring mattresses. Hero Bed takes support and comfort seriously. Our 1,300 Comfort Coils have extra lumbar support in the middle third and firmer coils on the edge for support at every inch of your bed. You get 10% more sleepable area and your bed feels much bigger! Hero Bed also includes a unique 1-inch heavy-duty polyurethane foam at the base to add durability and stability for our comfort coils.
  • Cooling: Sweaty nights are most certainly a thing of the past! Most hybrid mattresses will be capable of slowing the transfer of body heat to the mattress. This is usually done with some material that has a low heat conductivity, such as gel, graphite, or copper. Hero Bed mattresses have a unique Tencel layer that efficiently wicks away moisture so you feel cool and dry all night long.
  • Comfort: The materials that help with comfort may include memory foam, polyfoam, latex, or some other form of foam. Hero Bed’s foam technology offers 4x more pressure relief for the hip and back than traditional memory foam mattresses. Our 2-inch Hero Foam also offers faster recovery, higher durability, reduced motion transfer, and Supportive Air Technology to help you stay cool while you sleep. Because Hero Foam isn’t sensitive to temperature, you can stay comfortable in hot and cold environments.
  • Cushioning: Technology used for cushioning may be present in multiple layers or may be in a single, dedicated layer. Common materials used for this may be foam, cotton, wool, or fiberfill. In addition to Hero Foam, Hero Bed mattresses include a 1-inch zoned Talalay latex layer that relieves tension by lifting your body and relaxing your muscles. Talalay latex is preferred thanks to its breathability, resilience, support, and pressure relief. And unlike cheaper forms of latex, it is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, with no off-gassing.
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How can you be sure you’re getting the best hybrid in the game?

Don’t be fooled! It’s important to know that not every mattress with a “hybrid” label will be a true hybrid. Since many mattresses can technically be considered hybrids if they contain springs and foam, manufacturers can label them as such without any disclosed distinction to you, the buyer. When shopping for your next mattress, remember that hybrids will have thicker layers of foam on the top surface and will use less fiber than traditional mattresses.

What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress?

Although the feel of hybrid mattresses can differ depending on what materials are used, all true hybrid mattresses have a unique feel when compared to other mattress types. At first, you’ll feel the softness that you may feel in a pure foam mattress, but then you’ll notice the support that the coils provide. This combo makes it much easier to move and change positions compared to a regular foam mattress. All-foam mattresses can cause a sinking feeling, but with added springs, a hybrid keeps you elevated.

Efficiently Cools 

Hybrid beds are better at keeping you cool for a number of reasons. Firstly, they allow for more air circulation thanks to their springs. It is much more difficult for air to circulate through foam. Secondly, most hybrid mattresses feature cooling technology in a single layer or in multiple layers of the mattress through the materials used. Staying cool allows you to sleep more comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed.

Supports Every Sleeping Position

Because of the foam and spring combination in hybrid mattresses, you can feel comfortable no matter your sleeping position. Where a traditional foam mattress may cause an unpleasant sinking feeling for stomach sleepers, a hybrid helps them feel elevated. The hybrid’s gentle support is also a favorite among back and side sleepers, as the foam offers pressure relief at the sleep surface and the springs provide sustained strength to keep you supported.

Prevents Motion Transfer

Traditional spring mattresses are not the best at containing motion. If one sleep partner moves on the bed, the other can feel a significant amount of movement. But a hybrid with individually pocketed coils prevents motion transfer so everyone can sleep comfortably.

What makes Hero Bed mattresses so special?

Hero Bed offers you the ultimate in hybrid mattresses. Our mattresses include five different layers of high-quality materials that come together for maximum support and comfort. We use the latest in sleep technology to ensure you can enjoy every night for years to come. 

Hero Foam

Part of our technology involves using Hero foam instead of traditional memory foam. Distinctively different from regular foam, Hero foam is a revolutionary material with a unique cell structure proven to be more durable and keep you cooler all night long. Plus, it’s more reactive and provides more support as you roll over in bed.

Charitable Giving

Every purchase of a Hero mattress contributes to helping someone in need of a bed. When buying your mattress, you pick a charity and we’ll donate to its cause (veteran and military families, the fight against cancer, and children’s charities). Your mattress design will reflect your choice.

No-Risk Trial

One of the best parts of buying a new mattress is getting to test different kinds and learning which ones work best for your body. But unfortunately, mattress stores don’t let you sleep overnight, so the short amount of time you have to test out different mattresses is only good enough to give you a basic first impression of the mattress.

However, Hero Bed gives you a whopping 180 nights to test your mattress so you can get a proper feel of how it will fit into your lifestyle. And if it really isn’t working for you, we’ll take it back at no charge to you.

Is it worth switching to a hybrid mattress?

We certainly think so! Switching to a hybrid mattress may seem unnecessary until you feel the difference that it makes. With more comfortable sleep, you’ll enjoy more refreshed mornings and better days altogether. However, it’s important to choose a hybrid mattress made with the highest grade materials and technology. Doing so will ensure you get the support and pillowy comfort you need in a bed that won’t break down or wear away before you’ve had time to enjoy it.

For your dreamiest sleep ever, try a Hero Bed risk-free today!

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