Herobed Affiliate Program

If you haven’t already heard, Herobed is a unique brand in the marketplace; not only do we offer one of the best hybrid mattresses on the market, we also uplift and celebrate everyday heroes. These heroes surround us every day — our moms, teachers, firefighters, servicemen/women, coaches, volunteers, and the list goes on and on!

To help us in supporting our social movement and great sleep that leads to better quality of life for everyday heroes, we are launching a nationwide search for strong partnerships with influential affiliates to promote Herobed. We believe the Herobed Affiliate Program is an easy yet excellent way for you to significantly increase your income, it simultaneously promotes the importance how better sleep improves the quality of life and celebrates our surrounding everyday heroes.

How cool is that?

We aren’t just about selling a bed, there’s a greater purpose in what we are doing. Join us!

We see a partnership as 100%/100%.  So we pledge to support your success at each and every step along the way, by:

  • Helping expose your website/brand within our own sphere of influence
  • Equipping you with quality affiliate graphics, brand assets, etc. to place throughout your website and across social
  • Providing captivating copy for sending to your subscribers
  • Supplying you with knowledge and experience to help make this program successful

To take the first step, please complete this form, and you’ll be on your way to increasing your revenue and supporting the everyday heroes that selflessly changing the world around us!  We welcome everyone to show their interest in joining us, and hope to find and build a perfect partnership with you!

Jeff & Mark Quinn

We're Celebrating Everyday Heroes Across America

About Herobed

With 40+ years of mattress industry experience, the Quinn brothers understand how to make a better bed.

Together they created Herobed a true hybrid mattress with 3,000+ body-contouring micro coils and cooling memory foam to give you the best sleep for the best you.

True Partnerships

We are looking to build meaningful partnerships with affiliates that are driven by our mission and strive to encourage the importance of quality sleep. If our brand and mission inspire you, we strongly encourage you to learn more about our partnership!

If our brand and mission inspire you, and you want to earn a good living for you and your family, we strongly encourage you to join us today!


Our current payout is tiered as follows:

  1. Affiliates, 1-499 sales earn 10% of every sale
  2. Super Affiliates, 500-999 sales earn 15% of every sale
  3. Super Hero Affiliates, 1000+ sales earn 20% of every sale

Thinking higher?  Let’s talk!

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