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Most of us have been through the awkward mattress store shopping experience. You walk in, get bombarded by a pushy sales guy, pretend to sleep for a few seconds on each of the beds with different bells and whistles. After all of this, you order the overpriced model that the sales guy swears is the best.  

If you last left a mattress store thinking “what just happened,” you should know there’s a better way to buy a mattress. It’s easy to skip the retail store hassle by buying a bed online. You’ll end up with a quality product for a much lower price.

A Bed in a Box Boasts Big Advantages

The bed in a box industry has been booming for the past year or so, and it’s no wonder why. From the comfort of your home, you can buy a bed online that matches your sleeping preferences and budget. You never have to worry about making the wrong choice. 

Unbeatable Value

When you buy a bed online, you’ll spend a fraction of the cost that you would in a mattress store. There are no overhead costs for the manufacturer, no commission to pay a sales person, and because the mattress is packed into a box the size of a mini-fridge, you’ll enjoy the savings on shipping costs too. Most bed in a box companies even ship their mattresses for free.   

A Fun Experience

The word “mattress” doesn’t normally exude excitement, but unboxing a bed is actually pretty interesting. You simply open the box, carefully cut the plastic that is wrapped around the rolled up mattress, and stare in amazement as the bed springs to life before your eyes!


Convenient Shopping 

Online shopping has become the norm for purchasing everything else under the sun, and buying a mattress with the click of a button is just as easy. From your computer or mobile device, you can research various bed in a box companies. By finding hundreds of reviews so you can make a smart decision and have your bed shipped within days to your doorstep. You’ll never have to shake hands with a salesperson or pretend that you’re sleeping in a store full of customers again.

Risk-Free Purchase

Online mattress companies know that customers buy their product based on reviews. To keep customers happy, most bed in a box manufacturers guarantee that if you don’t love your new bed, you can return it for a full refund. Most offer a return policy that allows you to try the mattress for 100 days and don’t charge you anything for them to come pick it up if you’re not satisfied.  

Now That You Know How to Buy a Mattress Online, Do It!

Once you start researching bed in a box brands, you’ll quickly find a mattress that matches your preferences. Many online mattresses are only made of foam, but some manufacturers are now using coils in their beds. These coils provide added support and a playful bounce that couples enjoy. Yes, even coils can be compressed into a box without harming the bed. Check out this comparison chart of several top bed in a box mattresses! Now you can start shopping online for a new mattress that’s right for you!

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