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Insight From Mark Quinn, Co-Founder of Herobed

The decision has been made to start shopping for a mattress online rather than search in stores. You begin your search by typing in relevant search terms, and quickly discover that there are more products out there than you might have imagined. So how in the world do you pick the right one for you?

Your Search for the Best Mattress Online

Shopping for a new queen mattress? You know that you desire a mix of comfort, quality, and durability all available at the right price, but you are still unsure about which type of mattress would provide that.  Your internet search leads you to the following brands:

Tempur-Pedic Cloud Prima $1,799
Cool Dream Bed by Mattress Firm $1,000
Casper $950
Sealy Cocoon Chill $949
Tuft and Needle $750
Zinus $289

* Queen prices as of 6-2-2017

Take it from someone who has been involved in the mattress industry for years, when I am shopping for anything; the price is a huge consideration. Product specifications and reviews are also taken into the count to help me narrow down my selection. Today, the mattress industry tends to confuse and make the buying journey difficult for the consumer.

  • If you’re looking for a mattress with the best foam, we wish you good luck in finding the specifics.  Instead of diving deeper into detail, many mattress brands use fancy marketing terms like memory foam, Adaptive Foam, Green Tea Memory Foam, a combination of gel and memory foam, or Tempur-ES foam. But do you have any idea which one is the best?
  • Would it make sense if the bed with the largest profile of 12” was the most expensive? Maybe, but that can be far from true. Consider Zinus coming in at the lowest price of $289.
  • Are you the type of person that reads through the reviews before buying? Today’s brands all have thousands of reviews that support their products.
  • Is it possible the warranty is drastically different from the top to the bottom? Most of today’s brands carry 10-year warranties, which is on its way to becoming an industry standard.

You then find yourself starting to question everything. Is the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Prima, at $1,799, really twice as good as the Casper, at $950? Is Casper really more than three times as good as Zinus?

My point is, that there isn’t much to go on for the consumer who shops the market every five years or so. It is confusing, and the quality of a bed has become increasingly difficult to quantify.

Enter Herobed

If you’re searching for the best value for the price and for a mattress that provides both comfort and support to every sleeper, Herobed may be the perfect fit. That is why we think Herobed is something you should give serious thought to. Herobed is a hybrid mattress using both memory foam and advanced micro coil technology to give you that ultimate, supportive sleep surface.

Considering an all foam bed, take into consideration it quick loss  (up to four times faster in some cases depending on the types of foam used) compared to the durability of a micro coil mattress. A mattress that uses a micro-coil or pocketed coil design will not only extend the comfort life of your bed but also provide more comfort. The higher the coil count, the greater feeling and longer durability.

Loss of Resiliency - Micro Coils vs
Loss of Resiliency - Micro Coils vs
Loss of Resiliency - Micro Coils vs

Herobed’s Micro-Coils Offer More Resilience. Now See How We Compare To Top Brands

More coils, more comfort, 1/3 the price.

1,850 coils
  • - License for 3 Projects
    - 24/7 support for 1 year

1,008 coils
  • - License for 3 Projects
    - 24/7 support for 1 year

1,610 coils
  • - License for 3 Projects
    - 24/7 support for 1 year

3,000 coils
  • - License for 3 Projects
    - 24/7 support for 1 year

(Coil count & prices are based on brands Queen sizes)

As you can see, with Herobed, you get more coils, or more value, for less money! You avoid the loss of resiliency and the “stuck in the mud” feeling many all-foam beds can produce.

To be the best version of yourself, you need that playful bounce that micro coils provide to get the best sleep continuously.

All Memory Foam / Latex Beds
Best Mattress Brand - Herobed. A True Hybrid.

The Bottom Line of Finding the Best Mattress Online

If you’re searching for the right mattress for you and/or your partner, we encourage you to consider all aspects of what you are buying and not be overly influenced by fancy marketing schemes. It can be easy to overpay for a good mattress, and it’s almost just as easy to get a great deal on a mattress that may fail within years of your purchase. We suggest you do your homework, invest in a bed that will deliver a great night of sleep for years to come, and consider our unique hybrid to provide you with just that.


Mark Quinn

Mark Quinn

Co-Founder of Herobed

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