Frequently Asked Questions


Where are Hero mattresses made?

We’re proud to design, manufacture, and assemble our mattresses in the U.S.A. While certain components of the bed may be produced overseas (especially when particular materials are sourced from companies with operations outside of the U.S.) we work hard to keep our costs low while also providing jobs and supporting families and the economy here at home.


How does the 15 Year Hero Guarantee Work?

Hero Bed is the most durable, longest lasting bed on the market. That’s why is guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects and provide support and comfort for up to 15 years. How is this possible? Hero Bed is made with premium, luxury materials that are designed to last longer than most cars and relationships.

The 15 Year Hero Guarantee applies to all of our mattresses. On bedding, we gladly accept returns within 30 days if the product has not been used or taken out of its original packaging.

How does the 180 Night Trial work?

Our industry-leading 180 Night Trial is designed to give you the best sleep of your life without the risk.

Most of our customers love their Hero Bed from the first night. However, we realize that everybody’s body is different. Most people need a few nights in a new bed for their body to adjust. We ask you to sleep on your Hero Bed for a minimum of 30 nights. By then, your body should have enough time to adjust to your Hero. But if you’re not in love with your bed at that point, no problem! Just contact us and we’ll arrange a full refund!

The 180 Night Trial applies only to our mattresses. On bedding, we accept returns within 30 days if the product has not been used or taken out of its original packaging.

How do I return a mattress?

We’re sorry you didn’t absolutely love your Hero Bed! No problem. Just so you know, that mattress we donated to charity will stay with the charity (we aren’t taking it back). You did some good in the world simply by trying out a Hero with our 180 Night Trial!

To return your Hero Bed before the 180 night trial, send an email to with “RETURN” and your invoice number in the subject line. Please note, you must be the original purchaser of the bed to qualify for a return. Please include your name, address, invoice number, and your cell phone number. We’ll contact you about setting up your return and refund.

How can I contact Support with other questions?

We’re happy to serve our customers who support heros! For any support related questions or needs please reach out to us by sending an email to


How much of my purchase goes towards charity?

For every two mattresses purchased, Hero donates a mattress to someone in need. The amount per purchase depends on a number of factors including the product, any sales or discounts, and others—but all purchases contribute to bringing a restful night’s sleep to a person or family in need.

How do you decide which charities to contribute to?

We’ve hand-selected reputable charities that share our values and that are close to our hearts from three categories: Veterans Support, Cancer Research, and Children’s care. To learn more about the charities and how you’re contributing to a better night’s sleep for individuals and families across the country, click here.

Is my purchase or donation tax deductible?

While you should consult a tax professional, and we do not provide financial or legal advice, your purchase is likely not deductible for tax purposes. Since you’re receiving goods in in exchange for your payment, your purchase is most likely not considered tax-deductible by the United States Internal Revenue Service.