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If you’ve been looking for a cooler, more comfortable mattress, you’re not alone. Many consumers are in search of a bed that lets them sleep comfortably without waking up in a puddle of sweat. To help you find the right mattress, we’ve compared two beds that use different cooling technologies to keep consumers comfortable.

Our GhostBed vs. Herobed Comparison

Mattress by GhostBed

GhostBed began being manufactured by Nature’s Sleep in 2015. Werner’s goal with GhostBed was to create a mattress that would alleviate back and neck pain by providing pressure relief and support at an affordable price.

The GhostBed mattress is a memory foam bed offering the “world’s most advanced complete adaptive cooling sleep experience that’s designed for your individual needs.” The GhostBed mattress is 11 inches, divided into three layers of high-density, cooling gel, and latex foam.


Mattress by Herobed

Herobed was developed in 2016 by Mark and Jeff Quinn, who have worked in the mattress industry for over 35 years. Their goal was to define the hybrid category by creating the best hybrid mattress on the market through a combination of memory foam and over 3,000 micro coils – and that’s what we did.  

The Herobed mattress is 10.5 inches, built with memory foam as well but also has two layers of 3,000+ micro coils, making it a hybrid mattress that provides constant air flow. Both beds use CertiPUR-US certified foams and are rated well by reviewers. Herobed mattress reviews have found that the combination of micro coils and memory foam provide support, pressure relief, and a cool sleep surface. 

Comparing Size and Price*


$ 795

for Queen
Twin $495
Twin XL $650
Full $775
Queen $795
King $975
California King $995


$ 1,099

for Queen
Twin $699
Twin XL $799
Full $899
Queen $1,099
King $1,299
California King $1,299

*Prices last updated July, 2017.

Having two layers of coils helps air circulate better than an all foam mattress.

Herobed Review

The GhostBed just feels more substantial and doesn’t bottom out like a cheaper mattress can.

GhostBed ReviewSleep Sherpa

The hybrid mattress is excellent at providing pressure relief and doesn’t make the sleeper hot.

Herobed ReviewMattress Clarity

GhostBed vs. Herobed

A Side-by-Side Comparison

Foam Layers and Height



1.5 inches of aerated latex foam

2 inches memory foam

7.5 inches of support foam

1.5 inches of Coolflow graphite gel memory foam

1 inch of 2,000 comfort micro coils

0.5 inches transitional poly foam

1.5 inches 800 Posturfil micro coils

6 inches supportive base poly foam

11 inches

10.5 inches

Firmness and Motion Transfer*



Medium to Medium-Firm Medium due to our combination of micro coils and Coolflow Visco foam

Minimal thanks to our individually pocketed coils that help to minimize motion.

Manufacturing and the Box



The GhostBed mattress is shipped in a green and white box with the GhostBed logo, which is a cartoon ghost figure.

Herobed arrives in a white and red box that features everyday heroes including a mom, a teacher, and a firefighter. Inside, customers find crayons to color the characters and a child’s red cape for superhero play. The characters and the cape are part of Herobed’s mission to reward everyday heroes with great sleep. On Herobed’s website, customers can nominate a hero in their life for a chance at a free mattress, simply by posting a video with #TagAHero.

Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping, and Refunds/Returns



20 Years 10 Years
180 Days 100 Days
Free, within 24 hours Free, 2-5 days
Pick Up Pick Up

Which Mattress is Best For You?

To get the most out of this GhostBed vs. Herobed comparison, you have to decide what’s most important to you when it comes to a good night’s sleep.

GhostBed is made with cooling latex and gel memory foam to dissipate heat, and reviewers agree that it provides a cool sleep and does relieve pressure. But if you prefer a bed that is scientifically proven to have longer-lasting comfort, consider Herobed.  Herobed’s hybrid design offers better air flow, pressure relief, minimal motion transfer longer-lasting comfort and sufficient bounce for bedroom pleasure.  We aren’t able to say the same for Ghostbed.

Top reasons why a hybrid mattress is better than an all memory foam matter and why coils really matter (Read More >>)

Yes, Herobed is a slightly larger investment but for good reason; you get what you pay for! Herobed is the best hybrid mattress on the market made of supportive micro coils AND cooling memory foam.  So, if you want to invest in a mattress that will last longer and provides you with the best in mattress technology, Herobed is your best choice.

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