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Who is your hero? Whether it’s your mother, your college professor, or even the coach who inspired you in high school, the chances are that person is pretty selfless. He or she probably gets the most joy out of helping kids, students or athletes to be their best, and that’s what makes you admire them so much.

But no matter how invincible your everyday hero seems to be, what you don’t see is that they get emotionally and physically worn down each day. Dedicating time to others takes a lot of strength and perseverance, so it’s impossible for them to keep going strong without recharging and taking care of themselves. You know the saying: You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Are You Missing Out on Great Sleep?

If you want to live your life like the person who inspires you    who makes others want to be better    you have to start by nourishing your mind and body with the right foods, and most importantly, getting great sleep.

Sleep Helps You Feel Good

When you feel your best, you’re able to support the people around you. Getting enough shut-eye allows you take advantage of the amazing health benefits that sleep provides:

  • Reduced stressed. Sleep relieves the body and mind of stress, which leads to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and better heart health.
  • Repaired muscles and joints. As you sleep, your body releases growth hormones that work to rebuild muscles and joints. It feels a lot better to wake up with rejuvenated body than with tired, tattered muscles and joints.
  • Boosted immunity. Your immune system relies on sleep to stay healthy, so a sleep deficiency can make it difficult for your body to fight off illnesses and infections. Get enough sleep to feel your best so you can be your best for others.

Achieve More with Better Sleep

The right amount of sleep lets you wake up ready to tackle difficult decisions and also gives you enough energy to dedicate to helping others. Here’s how sleep allows you to be a stronger, smarter everyday hero:

  • Make better decisions. According to NIH’s National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, studies show that if you’re sleep deficient, you may have trouble making decisions, solving problems, and even controlling your emotions. Getting enough sleep can not only help you keep a level head when it comes to your own life, but it can also allow you to assist others who need help with a problem.
  • Learn faster. You rely on your brain to retain important information you take in each day. Sleep improves your memory function and your ability to learn, so you can share valuable information with those who can benefit from it.
  • Be more productive. People who are sleep deficient take longer to finish tasks, have a slower reaction time and make more mistakes. If you can get great sleep to improve your own life, imagine how useful you can be to those around you!

How to Get Great Sleep

If you want to start enjoying the benefits of sleep, it’s important to know when and how long to sleep.

  • Sleep enough. You should aim to get 7-8 hours per night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it’s important to achieve enough complete sleep cycles because deep sleep allows the body to stimulate growth and development, boost immune function, and build up energy for the next day. You also need to complete several stages of REM sleep, since this is when your brain consolidates and processes information from the day before for long-term memory storage.
  • Don’t nap too long or too close to bedtime. Napping is a great way to pick up some energy if you’re feeling zapped, but if you stay asleep longer than 20 minutes, you may wake up feeling even more sluggish. Avoid taking naps in the evening, so you don’t disrupt your nighttime sleep.
  • Keep your sleep schedule consistent. The more regular you can keep your sleep schedule throughout the entire week, the better off you are. Sleeping in on weekends is appealing, but you may wake up Monday feeling groggy after the interruption in your regular routine.

Be an Everyday Hero By Getting Great Sleep

In order to be someone who inspires others, you have to be the best you can be. Improve your own health and cognitive ability by getting enough sleep each night, and you’ll be ready to dedicate yourself to lifting others up.

Choosing a bed that delivers rejuvenating sleep is a great place to start. Herobed is a bed in a box with over 3,000 durable micro coils topped with contouring, comfortable memory foam. This hybrid mattress relieves pressure points and helps you sleep soundly through the night, so you can wake up fully recharged and ready to be an everyday hero to those around you.

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