Use Your Imagination

Prepare to be amazed when your very own Herobed is delivered. Not only is there an incredible mattress waiting to be unboxed, but we’ve also provided a cape and some other goodies including crayons for you to show some love to the everyday hero illustrations we’ve lined our box with.

Coolest Delivery Ever!

Carefully remove your mattress from the box, rock your cape and color away.

Make sure to take plenty of fun pics and send them to your favorite social hangout (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram) using #herocolors.  Who knows we may send you some free Herobed swag.

Herobed Box - Use Your Imagination

Wear The Inspiration Then Rock It Out

As if coloring your favorite hero wasn’t enough, we’ve provided a cape for that aspiring hero in your family or within yourself. Have some fun while you rock your new cape, color your hero, and explore new opportunities to do some good in your community!

Here’s a few cool rock your cape poses to consider.  But hey, have fun – get creative!

The sky’s the limit with your Herobed cape.

Rock Your Herobed Cape
Rock Your Herobed Cape
Rock Your Herobed Cape

Who Inspired You?

Once you have completed your masterpiece, take a photo of you – with your best illustration – and then upload it to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, using  #Herocolors. We are so excited to see you rocking out your cape alongside the hero you colored that inspires you!

We’ll keep an eye out on the #Herocolors feed for your masterpiece.  And you may be surprised with a prize for the “best rocking out your cape” or “hero masterpiece.”

Go for it – rock it out!

Show off Your Herobed Box
Show off Your Herobed Box
Show off Your Herobed Box