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Herobed vs Leesa

If you haven’t been getting the best sleep possible, you’re due.  Days are tough, so nights should be a time when you can fully recharge and wake up rejuvenated. Maybe you’re too hot to sleep, in pain, or just can’t seem to get comfortable. A new mattress could be a great tool to help you start sleeping better, so let’s take a look at two mattresses that promise to give you a great night’s sleep.

Leesa came into the factory-direct mattress market with a slight edge over other memory foam beds, offering a cooler sleep surface, but how do we know it is cooler? The mattress is topped with Avena foam; a synthetic latex said to be more durable, breathable, and cooling than standard latex. Consumer Reports backed Leesa’s claim, stating that it is more breathable than other all-foam mattresses they tested.

Herobed is a hybrid bed in a box that offers the comfort of memory foam combined with the support of 3,000 micro coils. According to a major university study, beds with micro coils sleep up to 28% cooler than their memory foam counterparts. Combined with Herobed’s top layer of graphite-infused memory foam, Herobed has been put in the running for one of the coolest sleeping surfaces in the mattress industry.

We’ll compare the two contenders to discuss the differences in the benefits they offer.

The Mattress Construction

Leesa mattresses are built with 10 inches of foam, broken down into three layers:

  • High-density support foam acts as the base for the mattress. Leesa claims it’s highly breathable, just as the upper layers are, so it doesn’t absorb excess heat.
  • Memory foam in the middle layer provides support, pressure relief, and deep compression support.
  • Egg-crate style Avena foam tops the mattress to provide comfort, coolness, and bounce. Leesa claims Avena allows better airflow and is very responsive, quickly changing shape as it molds to your body.

Herobed is also 10.5 inches thick as it combines high-quality foam and micro coils within five layers:

  • High-density poly foam at the base.
  • 891 patented Posturfil pocketed coils to provide support, pressure relief, and ventilation.
  • Transitional poly foam to aid in minimizing motion transfer.
  • Over 2,000 comforting micro coils offer bounce, support, and comfort.
  • Gel-infused CoolFlow memory foam with open cell viscoelastic technology that’s odorless and dissipates heat three times faster than conventional memory foam.


The Box

Leesa is shipped in a white and blue box.

Herobed arrives in a red and white box showing images of everyday heroes in action – a mom, a teacher and a firefighter – people who do extraordinary things for others. Inside the box are crayons and a cape so you can color the everyday heroes, and instructions for how to participate in the #TagAHero campaign. The #TagAHero campaign asks that you upload a video on your everyday heroes celebrating them in your life. In exchange, they have a chance to win a free Herobed mattress.

Comparing Size and Price*

Leesa provides mattresses in the same sizes as Herobed.

Leesa Herobed
Twin $525 $699
Twin XL $625 $799
Full $790 $899
Queen $940 $1,099
King $1,070 $1,299
California King $1,070 $1,299

*Prices reflect the normal retail price. Last updated April, 2017.

About Leesa

Leesa’s goal was to create a bed that adapts to all body shapes and sizes and all sleeping styles, so they built a bed with a Universal Adaptive Feel™ that they say is useful for couples since each side adapts differently to each partner. They also do a great job of giving back as much as they can. We know their founders, and recognize that they also do a great job of giving back as much as they can; for every Leesa mattress sold, they plant one tree. Leesa’s all-foam mattress is only available online.

About Herobed

Herobed was developed to arm everyday heroes with a great night’s sleep. We wanted to offer a better option than traditional memory foam beds to give the best sleep possible.  Herobed combines patented micro coils with the perfect blend of high-density foams, offering an unprecedented mix of bounciness, conforming comfort, and cooling capacity in a mattress shipped straight to consumers.

Leesa vs. Herobed, side by side comparison

Layers 6 inches of support foam

2 inches of memory foam

2 inches of Avena foam

1.5 inches of Coolflow graphite

1 inch of micro coils

0.5 inches of poly foam

1.5 inches of micro coils

6 inches of poly foam

Height 10 inches 10.5 inches

(based on customer reviews)*

Medium-firm Medium
Motion Transfer

(based on customer reviews)*

Minimal Minimal
Manufactured USA USA
Price for Queen $890 $1,099
Warranty 10 years 10 years
Trial Period 100 days 100 days
Shipping Free, 1-5 days Free, 1-5 days
Refunds/Returns Pick Up Pick Up
Discounts N/A N/A


Sleep Comfortably Tonight

According to reviews, Leesa provides sufficient pressure relief for stomach and back sleepers but may be too firm for side sleepers. Some Leesa owners also said they prefer a better bounce in the bedroom. Herobed’s hybrid mattress offers pocketed micro coils to relieve pressure in every sleeping position and provide a desirable bounce for couples. Although Leesa claims its Avena foam provides cooling relief for sleepers, Herobed’s combination of two breathable layers of pocketed micro coils along with its top layer of gel-infused memory foam may allow consumers to sleep even cooler.  Read more on why a hybrid with pocketed coils is better than an all foam mattress.


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