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We think Moms have the hardest job on the planet and they’ve earned a great night of sleep! 

We’re in search for strong, influential, and hard working Moms who believe that with quality sleep, Mom’s can live out their best days being superheroes to those around them.  

And Herobed affiliates are in a sense, Sleep Advocates, promoting the fact that the BEST SLEEP makes the for the BEST YOU!

Get paid – big – to promote a healthy lifestyle through Sleep for Moms across America.

Earn a great revenue stream through the Herobed Affiliate Program!

Help us tell the story that everyday Moms need great sleep and Herobed is the answer, and in return, you’ll earn great revenue  from some of the highest commission rates and potential income levels on the market:



(Example:  Just 10 sales a month at Regular Affiliate level @ 10% ($1,099 Queen) = $1,207.80/mo.)



(Example:  Just 10 sales per month at Super Affiliate level @ 15% ($1,099 Queen) = $1,648.50/mo.)



(Example:  Just 10 sales per month at Super Hero Affiliate level @ 20% ($1,099 Queen) = $2,198.00/mo.)



(Example: 50 Super Affiliates each with 20 sales per month at Ambassador level @ 2% ($1,099 Queen) = $3,297.00/mo.)

*The Herobed Ambassador program is exclusive to a select few Super Hero Affiliates. If you have an interest in this level, Contact Us.

Success Tools We Provide our Amazing Affiliates

Your success is a HUGE deal to us and as a Herobed Affiliate, you’ll have all the tools you need to dominate.

Tools In the Herobed Affiliate Bag

  • Herobed lifestyle photos & brand/logo files
  • Affiliate display banners in all sizes
  • Social snippets to share
  • Email content to push Herobed product
  • Sleep Like an Everyday Hero ebook (co-branded upon request)
  • Hero stories and real life inspirational messages
  • (coming soon) Ambassador and Reward Programs

Join us in providing the best sleep for Moms…

After the 5AM wake up calls from a hungry newborn.

After a hot afternoon teaching their son to play baseball.

During those special daddy/daughter 1-on-1 moments.

Because Great Sleep Should Be There When A Mom Needs It

There are too many mattress choices on the market today, Herobed however, is one of the few that celebrates the unsung hero moms across America.  Join us in advocating that Mom’s will experience the BEST sleep with Herobed because it’s simply a better way to make a bed.

Become a Herobed Affiliate now to earn great revenue while working your way into Super Hero Affiliate status for your opportunity to become one of the few Ambassadors we’ll have in the Mommy Blogger Network.

What Moms are saying about Herobed

I love my Herobed! It is so comfortable. I have 2 different temp-pedics and the Herobed by far is better!! My sister came to visit and she has hip joint pain. After sleeping on my Herobed for 3 nights her hip joint pain was gone! I can't say enough good things about this bed. I also really like that is a family-based company out of the USA!!

Stephany O.Best Bed!

This mattress is amazing! It's very comfortable and supportive. I like to sleep on my side and it has just the right amount of cushioning so my arm doesn't fall asleep. I'm sleeping better than I have for a long time.

Erin W.Can't wait to get into bed!!

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