As a superior sleep surface for extraordinary everyday heroes, we love working with the media to help us share and celebrate our everyday hero movement. Explore this press page for access to our contact information, image kit, videos, and FAQs.


Founded in 2016 by Jeff and Mark Quinn

Headquarters: 7702 FM 1960 East Suite 202 Humble, TX

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Helpful FAQs

Why are you called Herobed?

We developed Herobed because we wanted to honor selfless, everyday heroes with a great night’s sleep; in order to give 8 hours, you have to get 8 hours. The Herobed mattress provides all-night, rejuvenating sleep so the brave can wake up recharged.

What is an everyday hero?

The selfless people that surround us acting in extraordinary and heroic ways; the loving mother, the inspiring coach, and the brave first responders.

What is Herobed made of?

Herobed is built using a layer of base foam, support coils, a layer of transition foam, contouring coils, and gel memory foam. All of our foams are CertiPUR-US-certified!

Why do coils matter?

Compared to latex and memory foam, coils have a longer comfort life. Micro coils only have a 5% loss compared to 16-22% in other upholstery layers, which means Herobed will feel like it did the day you bought it for a longer period of time than beds made with all foam.

What is the deal with the Herobed box?

We wanted to provide a fun way to pay tribute to everyday heroes, including moms, firefighters, and teachers like the ones on our box, and give families an activity they can enjoy together. We provide crayons to color these whimsical illustrations, and a cape for the aspiring hero in your home to practice flying.

How do I color the Herobed box?

After you have removed your Herobed from the box, you are completely free to starting coloring using the handy crayons we have provided in your shipment.