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Insight From Mark Quinn, Co-Founder of Herobed

My brother and I have been in the mattress industry for about 40 years if you add it all together. I have worked for Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and Serta as a bed manufacturer, and Leggett & Platt on the components side. My brother Jeff, has spent his time as a retailer owning a piece of the Mattress Firm in Atlanta, their largest franchise at the time. In short, we know something about mattresses for what that’s worth!

So many people in our industry talk about mattresses, the price of mattresses, or about their current sale, which ultimately decreases the price of their mattresses. It’s not that often that a manufacturer or a retailer spends their time talking about the benefits of your bed, such as quality sleep, and that has always puzzled us.

The Pepsi Guys

I have given a lot of speeches at industry conferences here in the United States and in Europe, and during those speeches, I used to tell this story about Pepsi. If the marketing guys at Pepsi got a phone call one day from the people in the lab telling them that they discovered a new formula for the soft drink that was proven to make you look better, make you feel better, allow you to get sick less often, and could help you improve your mood in a really big way, do you think that their advertising would change a little? I do, too.

Quality Sleep can Change Everything

Here’s the crazy thing: Quality sleep delivers all of those things, and you know what helps you get that kind of sleep? Your mattress! Your mattress can even enhance intimate moments if you buy the right one. So, why is it that the mattress industry spends 98% of their dollars talking about the product, the price, and the promotion? I couldn’t tell you, but I have been complaining about it for so long, that my brother and I decided to do something about it.

Herobed Delivers Quality Sleep & Gives Back

Of course, we are going to talk about our product because when you compare our 3,000-coil hybrid bed to some of the big brands in the market, we deliver significantly more value for the money. We understand and feel the need to promote that your bed matters when it comes to living a truly good life. If you get a great mattress that is incredibly comfortable, you will likely get the kind of sleep that will make a big difference. The fun part for us is to connect that good kind of living to everyday heroes.


These everyday heroes being personal from person to person; your aunt, cousin, soccer coach, boss, etc. – anyone that inspires you to be better by their own actions. At first, we weren’t sure that we could prove a relationship between the two. But, when you talk to people that are making a difference every day in the lives of others, they will tell you that their sleep is a HUGE deal; so there you have it. We even have the research to prove it!

How We Support Everyday Heroes and Increase Sleep Awareness

Through our #TagAHero movement, we can inspire and encourage people everywhere with a simple story. Social media can be a powerful tool – we thought we would ask you to help us and use it for some good.

First of all showing gratitude helps you to be a happier person overall. Not our opinion, this is proven. Second, I think the Christmas card my wife sent out this year said it best…”Be the light you wish to see in the world.” Makes too much sense doesn’t it?

Do us all a favor and show some gratitude for the unsung hero in your world, take a few minutes to record their story and share it within your circle and to your social media channels. There is no doubt in my mind that you will inspire someone if you just take the time.  Take it from a few guys that know this industry, this bed and quality sleep, in general, can be a game changer.

Remember: a better mattress + better sleep = better days


Mark Quinn

Mark Quinn

Co-Founder of Herobed

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