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Sapira vs. Herobed

If you can’t get comfortable on a traditional innerspring mattress but also don’t like the “sinking” feeling when sleeping on a memory foam bed, a hybrid mattress may be what you need for a good night’s sleep. By combining micro coils with memory foam, hybrid mattresses offer pressure relieving comfort with enough support to keep you on top of the bed. Sapira and Herobed are two of the best hybrid mattresses on the market.

Take a look and see which mattress fits your specific sleep needs.

Sapira vs. Herobed Comparison

Both the Sapira mattress and Herobed combine the comfort benefits of memory foam with the pressure relieving support of pocketed springs. Both beds are made with CertiPUR-US certified foams but are built differently.   

Mattresses by Sapira

Sapira is made by Leesa, who started marketing their memory foam mattress in 2014 and became well known as one of the first online only mattress companies to deliver a bed in a box straight to consumers. Leesa introduced Sapira as its hybrid mattress in 2016. The mattress is divided into 5 layers of foam and steel springs.

Sapira vs. Herobed

Mattress by Herobed

Herobed was introduced to the hybrid mattress market in 2016 by two founding brothers Jeff and Mark Quinn. After years in the mattress industry, they began to research the best way to create a hybrid mattress that would provide sound sleep to everyday heroes. Through their hybrid combination of premium memory foam and over 3,000 micro coils – more than any other hybrid bed in a box mattress – Herobed grew quickly in popularity.

Comparing Size and Price*


$ 1,475

for Queen
Twin $975
Twin XL $1,075
Full $1,275
Queen $1,475
King $1,775
California King $1,775


$ 1,099

for Queen
Twin $699
Twin XL $799
Full $899
Queen $1,099
King $1,299
California King $1,299

*Prices reflect original retail prices. Last updated September 2017.

In fact, this mattress has two layers of microcoils to make it more resilient and breathable. The Herobed is made like a hero sandwich, many layers that all add up to something great.

Herobed Review SleepSherpa.com

...does a good job of allowing just enough sinkage to create pressure relief for critical pressure points.

Sapira ReviewSleepopolis

This mattress has a true hybrid feel. You get good pressure relief, but the mattress is also pretty responsive.

Herobed ReviewMattress Clarity

Sapira vs. Herobed

A Side-by-Side Comparison*

Foam Layers and Height



1.5 inches of aerated foam

1.5 inches memory foam

1 inch of transition foam

6 inches of pocketed coils (undisclosed amount of coils)

1 inch of support foam

1.5 inches of Coolflow graphite gel memory foam

1 inch of 2,000 comfort micro coils

0.5 inches transitional poly foam

1.5 inches 800 Posturfil micro coils

6 inches supportive base poly foam

10 inches

10.5 inches

Firmness and Motion Transfer*



Medium-Firm Medium due to our combination of micro coils and Coolflow Visco foam

Minimal thanks to our individually pocketed coils that help to minimize motion.

Manufacturing and the Box




Sapira comes in a black box with gold lettering that gives it a sophisticated look.


The Herobed box is white with red lettering and has everyday heroes including a teacher, a mom, and a firefighter featured on the panels. Inside are crayons to allow all kids at heart to color these characters, and a child’s red cape for fun pretend play. The featured everyday heroes and cape are part of Herobed’s campaign to honor everyday heroes who deserve great sleep.

Warranty, Trial Period, Shipping, and Refunds/Returns



10 Years 10 Years
100 Days 100 Days
Free Free, 2-5 days
Pick Up Pick Up

Does One Mattress Top Your List Over the Other?

As you can see in this Sapira vs. Herobed comparison, both hybrid mattresses provide a cooler sleep experience over the traditional memory foam bed and are also great for relieving pressure in the right places. But did you take a look at the price point difference? With the price point and the number of coils, Herobed seems like the smart investment for both your wallet and your quality of sleep.

With three times as many micro coils and offered at hundreds less than the cost of Sapira, Herobed gives you a cool sleep, contouring comfort, and durability that’s guaranteed to last.

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Still confused as to why micro coils are important? This article will clear up a lot of your questions: “What Is A Hybrid Mattress And Why Coils Matter.”

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