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If you’re finding yourself waking up in a puddle of sweat and constantly having you fan running, you’re probably missing out on the important deep sleep you not only need to feel your best but to be your best. Don’t wait until leaves start to fall to start waking up refreshed. Follow these tips to sleep cool on warm nights.

Beating the Heat and Staying Cool Through the Night

Use Your Thermostat to Your Advantage

According to the National Sleep Foundation, if you’re sleeping and the temperature rises above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, it can wake you up.

This is because your body temperature greatly affects your sleep cycle. When you start to get drowsy, your body temperature goes down, reaching its lowest level around 5:00 am, and then it rises slightly as morning begins.

Ideal sleeping temperatures are between 60 and 70 because anything hotter can interfere with this natural dip and make you restless. Many sleep experts say that the best temperature to sleep at night is 65, but if you want to sleep cool while keeping your energy bill as low as possible, set your thermostat back a few degrees each night until you find one that feels good.

Choose Loose Clothing and Breathable Sheets

If you’re someone who gets really hot when sleeping, your cozy flannel PJ’s are not the best choice in summer. Instead, wear lightweight, loose cotton which allows for better air circulation. Or if you tend to sweat at night, try a moisture-wicking material like Tencel.

Are your sheets the reason you’re waking up hot? Consider swapping them out with a cooler option. Cotton sheets are usually best for breathability, but according to research on Sleepopolis.com, the way sheets are woven can impact how much heat they trap. Their recommended weaves for staying cool are:

  • Percale, a high-thread-count flat weave for a crisp fabric
  • Sateen, a soft material similar to silk
  • Jersey, a T-shirt like knit fabric made from Egyptian cotton
  • Satin, which is made from silk or nylon with a similar weave to sateen

Keep Your House From Heating Up

Your home’s temperature at night reflects how much heat has been absorbed during the day. On really hot days, don’t use the oven which can heat up the whole kitchen and nearby rooms. Also, keep blinds and curtains closed, so the sun’s warm rays don’t creep in through windows (this is especially important in your bedroom!). You’ll save a lot on energy bills, and won’t feel so guilty turning the thermostat down at night so you can sleep better.

Take Advantage of Fans

Learning how to cool a room in summer is as simple as the flip of a switch.

If your bedroom has a ceiling fan, make sure the blades are running counterclockwise, so they’re pulling hot air up and out rather than moving hot air around the room. Leaving your fan on at night will also pull warm air away from your body to prevent you from waking up hot.

Buy a Bed with Better Airflow

For a definite way to sleep cool, you could hang up a hammock in your bedroom since it allows air to flow through on all sides. But since your back (and your partner) might object to that, your best bet is a mattress that doesn’t retain heat.

Since all-foam beds aren’t the most breathable, invest in a mattress that has micro coils which allow air to circulate under you while you sleep. A mattress with cooling latex and gel foam as a top layer and micro coils throughout the rest of the bed makes an ideal sleep surface for staying cool – Herobed , a hybrid mattress with unbeatable cooling comfort.

Our Herobed team has tested and understands the breathable benefits of micro coils, which is why we built a bed with two separate layers of them – over 3,000 in all, which is more than any other hybrid mattress on the market. We then topped Herobed with cooling gel memory foam to draw heat away from the body and also offering contouring pressure relief and support. We promise you won’t find a cooler, hybrid sleep surface!

If you still are curious about our hybrid design and use of micro coils, check out “What Is A Hybrid Mattress And Why Coils Matter.”

Staying Cool

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