Warranty and Product Care Information

Congratulations on your new mattress purchase.  HERO Mattress products are made in the USA using the finest quality materials available and therefore designed to provide long lasting support and many nights of restful sleep.  HERO warranties that your mattress set will be free from manufacture defects for a period of 15 years.  This warranty is a non-prorated warranty.

Should your mattress product ever fail during the warranty period due to manufacture defects (see “what is covered” in the warranty information), HERO, at its option, will replace or repair it at no cost to the consumer within the continental United States.  HERO reserves the right to substitute materials or models of equal value and quality.  Repair or replacement does not extend the original warranty period.

The limited warranty is valid only under the following circumstances:

  • You must be the original purchaser from an authorized HERO website or dealer in the United States 
  • You must provide a copy of the original purchase receipt, proof of purchase date and purchase price
  • You must be able to provide a law tag for the defective product.  Important manufacturing information is recorded on the law tag
  • You must be able to provide transportation or accept freight charges to and from the nearest factory location to either return the product for repair or for replacement
  • The defective product must be in a sanitary condition having no stains or signs of abuse

What is covered:

  • Visible body impressions deeper than 1” inches (see body impressions for additional information)
  • Visible edge breakdown or encasement failure from normal use
  • Loose or broken wires or coils including wires that are protruding through the fabric

What is not covered:

  • The mattress cover
  • Slight, normal body impressions (less than 1” inch)
  • Comfort preference
  • Sheet fit
  • Abuse
  • Stains of any kind
  • Damage due to improper support.  Queen, King and California King product require a center support with at least one leg that touches the floor
  • Damage due to bending or folding your mattress
  • Bed height
  • Bedding sold in “as is” condition
  • Cosmetic stitching (stitching that does not affect the integrity of the mattress).  Examples are panel quilting designs, secondary stitch row around the edge, border stitching design
  • Mattresses damaged due to the use of old, used, non-supportive, fatigued foundations.  Your new mattress must be supported by a new foundation or placed on a solid surface like a platform bed

HERO warrants that your product will be free from defects in material and workmanship as described in this warranty referred to as the limited warranty.  In the event of a warranty issue, please contact us at support@herobed.com.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights.  You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.  HERO is not liable for incidental or consequential damages arising through the use of their products.

Please read the following:

  • Do not smoke in bed.  This is a common cause of fatal bedroom fires.
  • Do not use candles around your mattress.
  • Do not use space heaters in your bedroom around flammable items.
  • Do not run electrical cords under your bed.  It can cause heat which can turn into a fire.
  • Always throw away the plastic wrapping material your new mattress comes packaged in so a child or pet does not become entangled and suffocate.
  • Promptly dispose of your old mattress to avoid a fire hazard.

Body impressions

Your HERO mattress has been constructed using the finest materials available.  It is designed to conform to a person’s individual contour.  Your sleeping position over time may result in body impressions.  This is normal and not considered structural defect but merely the localized compacting of upholstery materials.  Severe impressions are body impressions which exceed 1” inch in depth below the normal level of the sleep surface.

How to measure a body impression: Using a ridged object like a level or a broom handle or a string pulled tight across your mattress, measure the area in question.  Note: measurements cannot be taken from a recessed stitched pattern area, but rather from an area with no stitching.

Getting used to a new sleep surface

As with any new bed, your body may need some time to adjust to alignment, pressure relief and support of your new mattress.  Most people love their new sleep set the first night, others take some time to get used to it.  For this reason with our “180 night no questions asked return policy” we ask that you sleep on your HERO bed a minimum of 30 nights prior to returning it.  HERO recommends rotating your mattress every two weeks head to toe or 180 degrees for the first two months for a total of four times.  In addition, you should rotate it as you see fit.  Do not flip your mattress over, it is designed to be used only on the quilted side.  Be sure to use a high quality waterproof mattress protector to help protect your mattress from any possible stains.  Any stains void the warranty. 

HERO reserves the right to refuse service and invalidate this limited warranty when upon inspection of the product it is found to be in an unsanitary condition, soiled, or when product failure is due to causes other than defective material and/or workmanship.