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When many of us think of the word “Hero,” we automatically picture capes and swords. But heroes are all around us in everyday attire, doing everyday jobs, yet making a difference and spreading joy in the world around us. Some of us are heroes and don’t even know it, and some of us can become heroes by making a few small changes.

What is a Hero? What Defines Them?

Just as superheroes perform selfless acts to save others, everyday heroes make it their mission to put others first. They give back to the community in countless ways, never expecting anything in return. They bring joy to children, make friends feel important, and make a difference to everyone around them.    

Heroes Don’t Need Credit for Their Selfless Acts

Being a hero means not needing a pat on the back for making others feel good. They give back to schools who led them down the right path, they help children just because they want to see positive changes in the world, and they perform random good deeds just to put a smile on someone’s face.

Heroes Inspire Others

We’ve all seen kids in their superhero costumes long after Halloween is over. Those kids are mesmerized and inspired by the way superheroes overcome challenges, and they aspire to do the same. Everyday heroes are just as inspiring to those in their communities — they just don’t hide behind masks. They’re kind, generous, and bring lots of hope for better days ahead.  

Heroes Are Strong and Healthy

Even though heroes are unselfish, everyday heroes take the time to keep themselves in tip-top shape to be able to help others. Have you heard the saying “Put on your oxygen mask first?” It means a lot. People who nurture their bodies with good foods, get plenty of exercise, and get enough sleep at night are able to wake up strong and refreshed so they can take care of others.

You Can Be A Hero

The best kind of everyday hero is a healthy one. If you want to give back to your community, start by taking care of yourself.

Eat Better

Healthy foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables give you energy, help you replace and repair cells, and boost your immune system, so you don’t get sick. Change your diet to be faster, stronger, and healthier.  

Get Regular Exercise

Stay active to increase your stamina and keep your heart healthy. Aim for at least 30 minutes of activity that gets your heart pumping and perform strength-training for each muscle group two times a week.  

Sleep Well

Sleep strengthens your memory, helps you stay focused, and lowers stress levels so you can continue to be a positive role model for others. And while you sleep, your body produces a growth hormone that repairs tired muscles and joints. Start getting at least 7 hours of shut-eye at night so you can stay alert and be strong enough to endure everyday battles.  

Wake Up Recharged With Herobed

To be the change you wish to see; you have to recharge your mind and body each night. Herobed is a hybrid bed in a box made from over 3,000 durable coils topped with contouring, cushy memory foam. It relieves pressure to help you sleep soundly through the night, so you can wake up pain-free and energized –ready to take on the world.


Interested in learning more about sleep and its important role in your life? Check out,  “Why is Sleep Important? Understanding the Benefits of Quality Rest,” or instantly download our guide to “Sleep Like a Hero:”

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