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A hybrid mattress combines the contouring benefits of memory foam with the support and playful bounce of an innerspring mattress using pocketed micro coils and high-quality foam. Unlike standard memory foam, hybrid mattresses provide better airflow, pressure relief, minimal motion transfer, edge support, and bounce. According to International Testing Center, hybrids are also scientifically proven to have longer-lasting comfort with only a  5% loss in resiliency compared to 16.2% in memory foam, 22.6% in latex foam and 49% in poly foam.

Herobed Hybrid Mattress

More coils, more comfort, 1/3 the price.
Simply a better way to make a bed.

Top 7 Reasons Why A Hybrid Mattress Is Better Than An All Memory Foam Mattress

Here are just some of the reasons why we believe a hybrid mattress will provide you with the best sleep ever.

1) Hybrids provide better airflow

Innerspring beds have been proven to allow you to sleep up to 28% cooler than all-foam beds. While some memory foam mattresses can cause you to wake up in a puddle of sweat, beds with open coils allow air to flow through and heat to escape, providing a much cooler sleeping experience.

2) Hybrids provide better pressure relief

Narrow, thinner wire makes today’s micro coils more flexible than traditional springs. Used in a mattress, micro coils conform to each curve of the body and respond to pressure points. So, while some consumers complain of sinking too deeply into an all-foam bed (the “stuck in the mud” feeling mentioned earlier), a hybrid mattress provides enough support for hips and shoulders to keep the spine neutral and still has that cushy, comfortable, contouring feel on top.

3) Hybrids provide minimal motion transfer

Layers of pocketed coils help to absorb movement on either side of the bed, so you’re less likely to feel your partner tossing and turning throughout the night on a true hybrid mattress, like Herobed.

4) Hybrids provide better edge support

It may be difficult to put your shoes on while sitting on the edge of a memory foam mattress, and on some other all-foam beds, but it’s even hard to sleep near the edge. A hybrid mattress contains supportive micro coils throughout the entire bed, all the way to the edges, to minimize these edge support issues.  

5) Hybrids provide a quiet, playful bounce

It’s not much fun to get intimate on a bed that doesn’t bounce back or supports your movement, and according to thousands of foam bed owners, that’s the problem with many all foam mattresses. The pocketed micro coils in a hybrid mattress do not make noise and provide a discreet surface with active support for that important up-and-down response that couples enjoy.

6) Hybrids are proven to provide Longer-Lasting Comfort

If you’re looking for a new bed that will feel great for a long time, you want to sleep on a hybrid mattress. Over time, some memory foam mattresses can start to develop an impression or a “canoe effect,” which tremendously reduces comfort. Micro coils are proven to maintain their comfort level up to ten times longer (see graphic below) than some conventional foams, allowing a hybrid mattress to add years of comfort and high-quality sleep to your bedroom.

7) Hybrid has a cool rap song 😉

Last and probably least as it pertains to getting the best nights sleep, Hybrids are just better because no other type of mattress has its very own rap video.

It’s Scientifically Proven that Micro Coils Are Better

Yes, it’s true, micro coils are scientifically proven to provide less loss in resiliency than memory foam, latex foam and/or poly foam. This means hybrid mattresses are more durable and maintain their form and integrity longer.  Check out these stats for yourself then consider if an all foam mattress makes the most sense.

Conclusion – For the Best Mattress, Choose a Hybrid

As you set out to do your mattress shopping, whether in retail or right here on (Pssst…  we offer 100 night, risk-free trial and free FedEx shipping to your front door), know that an all foam/latex mattress can give you that soft, enveloping feel, but keep in mind how valuable micro coils can be to getting the REM sleep (and intimacy needs) you deserve. So consider Herobed, as we believe its the best hybrid mattress (we’re biased of course) with over 3,000 micro coils and cooling memory form to give you the best of both worlds.

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