What Makes A Hero?

Our idea of a hero is an ordinary person that does extraordinary things to positively impact others around them and their community. A person that shows compassion and empathy, and who acts solely in the self-interest of others to go above and beyond to make someone else’s day a little brighter.

Think of a hero in your life and celebrate them today.

In your eyes, this may look like a lot of things. It could be your wife nurturing your children every day, or your child’s soccer coach that volunteers his time every weekend to help teach your children. These are just a couple examples of the heroes that selflessly go about their day with one thing in mind; to make the world around them better.

Whether you’re helping the elderly cross the street, or paying for the person behind you at the drive-through, anyone can be an everyday hero. Think of someone you know that makes your (and their) world a better place and share their story today through our #TagAHero Movement.

Definition of an Everyday Hero

eve-ry-day he-ro


Someone who acts in a courageous, selfless, or extraordinary way.


Mothers, teachers, brothers, first responders, volunteers, coaches, fathers, daughters; More.

  • An everyday hero lifts and brings positivity to the people around them.
  • My everyday hero is my father because he is a single father helping my sister and I get through school.

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Through our social movement #TagAHero, we’re celebrating everyday heroes and inspiring others along the way.

Who’s Your Hero?

Do you have that special hero in your life that you would like to recognize?  Now is the perfect opportunity.

Gift a Hero

Many of us are blessed  beyond measure.  Consider paying it forward by giving someone the gift of great sleep!