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In our busy lives, it’s easy to let sleep become a low priority. We work late, run kids to activities, volunteer in the community, spend time with friends – with so much to do, there’s really not much time for sleep.

But if you want to stay healthy, be the best at everything you do and be a good role model for those around you, it’s absolutely necessary to get enough good sleep. Many people are not aware of the benefits of sleep, but the way that sleep affects our minds, emotions, health and safety is worth taking the time to learn about.

Why is Sleep Important for Our Everyday Lives

How Good Sleep Helps Our Brains

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), our bodies work to support healthy brain function while we sleep. With enough good sleep, we’re able to learn faster, pay attention better, make sound decisions, and be creative – all the things that make us do our jobs well.

Getting enough sleep is not only important when it comes to how we function now, but also to how our minds will work as we age. In recent years, research has shown that while we sleep, the brain clears out toxic proteins associated with the buildup of plaques that lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Why is sleep important for children? Well, just as it helps adults function better at work, it helps kids retain information so they can perform better in school. From babies all the way up to teens, children rely on sleep to allow them to comprehend important lessons they can apply to everyday life, such as how to avoid danger and how to take care of their needs.

How Sleep Affects Our Emotional Well-Being

Most of us have witnessed a toddler meltdown in the middle of a grocery store. While little kids are always unpredictable, chances are the tantrum happened after a missed nap. Sleep deprivation can cause young children to be irritable and irrational – a great reason to get them to bed on time each night and take age-appropriate naps.

And just as kids need plenty of sleep in order to be happy, adults with sleep problems may experience mood swings, become sad or lack motivation. Many people who don’t sleep enough suffer from anxiety and depression, which can definitely affect their social life and work performance.

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Why Good Sleep is Vital to Physical Health

Our immune systems defend our bodies against foreign or harmful substances, and without enough sleep that’s not possible. Lack of sleep changes the immune system’s ability to do its job, which allows common infections and viruses in.

Think following a regular exercise routine is enough to keep you healthy? It’s not unless you’re eating well and getting enough good sleep. Deep sleep triggers the release of hormones that help repair cells and tissues and boost muscle mass, so even if you get a good workout, you need sleep in order to help muscles recover. And it’s incredibly important to get enough sleep if you want a healthy heart since sleep deficiency is linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes.

Why Sleep is Important When it Comes to Safety

If you’ve ever nodded off while driving after a sleepless night, you know how scary the effects of sleep deprivation can be. But if you have trouble sleeping, problems can occur even if you’re able to keep your eyes open. Since lack of sleep slows reaction time, anyone who works in a field where others depend on them for safety could put not only themselves but others in jeopardy. From health care workers responsible for administering medications to pilots navigating planes across the sky, being drowsy is not an option. The best way to guarantee safety for those around you is to get better sleep each night.

Start Enjoying the Benefits of Sleep And Be a Better Hero

When others depend on you, you can’t let them down by being sick, sad, or drowsy. To be able to function your best both mentally and physically, you have to get better sleep. Herobed was created to help you get rejuvenating sleep, so you can wake up alert, recharged, and ready to take on your next mission. Try Herobed, the best hybrid mattressand start feeling and functioning your best.

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